Steven’s Expert Mentor Program

Are you concerned that your mentors default to “tell” mode? Do they know what advising and coaching are, and the practical difference between them? More to the point, do they understand the mechanics of how to coach junior managers? Mentoring is a highly productive relationship… when you have skilled, well-trained mentors.


Help junior managers to learn the ropes, improve key skills and grow their internal network, so that they can achieve their potential. Sadly, many mentoring relationships never reach their full potential. The mentors have good intentions – but have an outdated approach to mentoring or use a small number of mentoring tools.


Why partner with me to develop expert mentors?

I have been developing mentors, supporting and supervising them on programs for over a decade. I’ve done this in across the world in different global business functions.

“I like your ability to listen, re-phrase, summarise and let the people figure out what the options were out in the group. I also appreciate your expertise: the way of working because you come to the point. I got very positive feedback from the Board, project sponsors, mentors and participants.”

Beate Ritter

HR EMEA, Circor

Senior global managers who join my Expert Mentor Program typical experience these results:

  • You accelerate the development of junior managers by sharing your know-how and experience.
  • You enjoy mentoring because you have a clear process and use many mentoring tools.
  • You have fantastic reputation for being an effective mentor, in your organisation.
  • You make each mentoring meeting meaningful and efficient, i.e. you know how to get to the essence of the challenge, and deal with it without wasting time.
  • You feel comfortable as a global mentor because you can adapt your style to international differences.
  • You confidently build productive, healthy mentoring relationships.
  • You mentoring skills are in high demand. Junior managers want to be mentored by you.

To find out more about the Expert Mentor Program

or discover how you can become one,

call me on +49 2361 2703490.

How the Expert Mentor Program works

With my Expert Mentor Program:

  • Mentors learn the five key tools for mentoring excellence.
  • They will know which tool is best in which situation.
  • They deepen their knowledge of the rational and emotional barriers to change, how to spot them and how to remove those barriers.
  • In addition, the mentors benefit from having me “on hand” to supervise them every step of the way.