Global “Flex & Fast” Collaboration

Global business units are full of complexity – both in operational processes and people’s motivations. Collaboration – flexible and fast – across sites and functions is the key to success.

  • Do you need to roll out a new process or launch a new product? And do you want your regional and local managers aligned behind the plan?

  • Do you need to increase employee commitment worldwide? And do you want to do it without dictating every single step from head office?

  • Do you need to hit higher performance goals? And do you want to do it with the same or fewer resources?


All of these goals can be delayed or derailed by people problems. Our approach to Global Flex & Fast Collaboration – uses the Active Performance FrameworkTM – which makes sure you overcome the your global challenges and reach your goals.

“Personal, logistical and functions problems affecting the international group as a whole were dealt with and agreed metrics were put in place to continue the improvements.

Rolf Spiegel,

Principal Director, European Patent Office

“You have brought a direct positive impact on our sales… because people work more customer-oriented. Our efficiency levels… are continuously growing.”

Andre Luitz

VP Commerical Operations, Rohde & Schwarz

Active Performance FrameworkTM

How does The Active Performance FrameworkTM support global businesses?

The Active Performance FrameworkTM gives the global transformation process a clear and logical structure. Equally, it gives everyone the confidence and power of clarity to achieve real growth – personally and for the business.


One high-tech engineering company used it to cut supply chain costs by more 30% and, at the same time, increase staff engagement levels.


In another global industrial company, we used the Active Performance FrameworkTM to identify seven-figure growth opportunities and increase efficiency in internal operations.



With this proven framework, leaders of global business units typically show these results:

  • You set a clear direction for change with strong, decisive leadership
  • You know how and when to use trustful dialogs to give people a sense of security, which will give them the courage to change.
  • You remove the blockages to high-performance and reduce misunderstandings
  • You get true commitment to your change plans
  • You learn how to avoid an over-dependence on compliance tactics.
  • You get new perspectives and new solutions to your challenges from everyone in the organisation.
  • You know how to balance hard and soft indicators to keep your plans on track.


What makes the Active Performance FrameworkTM special?

It’s a perfect fit for complex global operations because it’s a flexible solution. We co-create the tools and tacticst to fit  your global strategy. These include – but are not limited to – advisory work, coaching, group facilitation sessions, interviews and focus groups, mentoring and consulting.


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