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As a global executive or manager, sometimes you want to hear an independent opinion, want a fresh perspective on your plans, want to listen to a source of ideas for fast implementation, or want an expert to answer your toughest questions.



Why choose me as your advisor?

I have over 20 years’ experience of supporting global executives and managers. To date, I’ve worked with hundreds of senior managers – in 27 countries and with 57 nationalities. It’s in this multi-national, multi-cultural environment that my clients get things done.


With me as your trusted advisor, you get immediate access to expert, objective advice and support. With it, you can remove internal blockages and avoid painful and costly misunderstandings. Unlike a mentor, a trusted advisor helps you get the pragmatic advice and resources to deal with complex behavioural challenges straight away.



Global executives who use this advisory support typically see these results:

  • Remove bottlenecks and speed up decision-making
  • More effective cross-functional, global relationships
  • Engage positively with international partners.
  • Avoid micro-managing international initiatives and projects
  • Have real executive presence in key meetings
  • Increase collaboration to reach goals faster.
  • Substantially improve alignment between business units and departments
  • Quickly implement effective feedback mechanisms.
Steven Hunt5

To explore how the Advisory relationship gives you more clarity and faster growth, call me on +49 2361 3703490.

How to get the most from our trusted advisor relationship:

  • You choose how you want to work with me.
  • You have guaranteed, immediate access to me. All calls are returned within 90 minutes and emails the same day.
  • You have unlimited access in normal business hours or we can arrange to talk outside of business hours.
  • You can work exclusively with me or get support for key members of your team, too.
  • We have a phone call or a virtual/online meeting. We can also meet face-to-face, where practical.
  • You choose the advisory engagement that works best for you: from 90 days to 12 months.